Welcome to World Kanreikai Karate ZONE


OSU! Welcome to World Kanreikai Karate Zone!

We are looking forward to accompany our Students on their promising karate journey, guide and support our Instructors in their teaching duties and work with our Branch Chiefs to develop and expand our organization!

Lets all work together to make World Kanreikai Karate all it can be! OSU!

We ask every Instructor and Branch Chief to subscribe online. The annual subscription fee required will allow the organization to provide services, activities and opportunities to all and insure an effective management of our organization.

We invite our Students  to visit the STUDENT ZONE and view our online WKK Tutorial Video Series – Kata and Kihon – presented by Hanshi Manny Matias. No subscription needed.

Finally, keep track of WKK events on our CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS and follow NEWS from our organization.

Thank you!



You can LOG IN at any moment  – if you have a USER ACCOUNT and a VALID SUBSCRIPTION

NB: All 2018 subscriptions expire on January 31, 2019.

For 2019:

FIRST TIME SUBSCRIPTION / RENEWAL FOR 2019 – Between February 1 and February 28, 2019:

  • FIRST TIME SUBSCRIPTION SUBSCRIBE NOW  – Create your User Account and subscribe to the WKK Zone for 2019 as a Branch Chief or Instructor;
  • SUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL – you already have a User Account and wish to renew your subscription for 2019: LOG IN using your Username and Password and then click on the SUBSCRIPTIONS tab. Do not create a new User Account.


Vous pouvez vous CONNECTER en tout temps – si vous avez un COMPTE D’USAGER et une SOUSCRIPTION VALIDE

NB: Toutes les souscriptions 2018 expirent le 31 janvier 2019.

Pour 2019:

PREMIÈRE SOUSCRIPTION / RENOUVELLEMENT POUR 2019 – Entre le 1 février et le 28 février 2019:

  • PREMIÈRE SOUSCRIPTIONSOUSCRIVEZ MAINTENANT – Créez un compte d’usager et souscrivez à la Zone WKK pour 2019 à titre de Chef Régional ou d’Instructeur;
  • RENOUVELLEMENT DE SOUSCRIPTION: vous possédez déjà un compte d’usager et désirez renouveler votre souscription pour 2019: CONNECTEZ-VOUS  avec votre nom d’usager et mot de passe et cliquez sur l’onglet SUBSCRIPTIONS. Ne créez pas un nouveau compte d’usager.